Reports Report 7180an (Event 7180-2020)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 7180-2020
NameAmy M
Experience Level3/5
RemarksI would love to see a video and know if it dissapated or if fragments were found. It was one of the most fascinating, yet flight or fight modes I have experienced, followed by help those in need, yet baffled at its disappearance. This colorful and transient unknown experience I suppose caught me off guard feeling and hearing the vibrational energy and wave of rumble too paired with little answers. I am happy I was reminded of it this evening after seeing a video in Japan of a far different one caught on camera.
Latitude41° 43' 54.92'' N (41.73°)
Longitude 84° 59' 37.77'' W (-84.99°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2020-11-28 17:42 EST
UT Date & Time2020-11-28 22:42 UT
Moving directionFrom down right to up left
Descent Angle351°
Facing azimuth350°
First azimuth268°
First elevation40°
Last azimuth346.68°
Last elevation32°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-18
ColorBlue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Red, Brown, White
Concurrent Sound
RemarksI felt the vibrations and heard a slight movement from its path like something moving extremely fast with a slight rumble that was different than I have ever heard. It was what got my intial attention before I could even see it. By the time I saw it, the tail from entry was still visible with smoke. I thought a plane was going to crash and, jumped up and ran with it. I yelled at my friends a plane was going to crash and saw 2 what appeared to be thrusters on fire with multiple colors. Then it possible started to break apart and disappeared and I was baffled. Waited to hear it crash, and started googling what I had seen and my friends caught a glimpse of as they turned around, more so watching me run before they looked up.
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
Terminal flash
RemarksThe fragmentation looked like 2 engine thrusters, but changed colors and had auras I have never experienced before. It appeared to break apart again, possibly one fragment northwest and 2 others dropping more towards the N/NE, where I then expected to hear a plane crash or explosion occur. However it just disappeared from my viewpoint and I was left questioning what it was and what had happened. I quickly began to research but found nothing. Asked others and found nothing, but was aware of the meteor shower possibilities. The sun had just set and it was still light out with reflections of sunrays bouncing off of our atmosphere creating the beauty of the cold dusk. The fragments after research I believed maybe to be more in the category of space debris or junk, not a meteor with the colors that radiated from the different materials melting at extreme velocities with intense auras lingering for a moment.