Reports Report 3122l (Event 3122-2020)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 3122-2020
NameTobias W
Experience Level2/5
Remarkslifetime event
AddressFrankfurt am Main, Hessen (DE)
Latitude50° 8' 51.12'' N (50.15°)
Longitude 8° 44' 4.97'' E (8.73°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2020-06-28 00:30 CEST
UT Date & Time2020-06-27 22:30 UT
Moving directionFrom left to right
Descent Angle90°
Facing azimuth167.47°
First azimuth71.61°
First elevation86°
Last azimuth250.37°
Last elevation85°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-22
ColorPurple, Green, Light Yellow
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
RemarksA Purple greenish light train, starting right behind a single brighter object also at the exact same time this brighter object came to appearance already in my field of view. The light train was increasing in length, following the object until it's disappearance, wich also was within in my field of view. Imagine a classic computer loading bar filling up from 0% to 100% but beginning to unload again from starting point before reaching the 100%. Light train vanishing right behind the first causal object but staying a slight moment longer static on the dark night sky. Giving my brain the time to realise, that the light train leaves another three dimensional perceived structure behind. This pitch black structure (darker than night sky) was smoke I guess but looked more similar like a linear wake in a fluid to me but without the triangle shape boats produce, only a straight line. In that short overlapping moment being conscious of both and perceiving both objects simultaneously it looked like the light trail was layering above the smoke or was being inside the smoke, shining through its structure appearing even more three dimensional and near as if I could touch it. Like the effect one sometimes get at a 3D movie, where depth perception could get confused with measuring distance and things seem like being near and far at the same time. The cloud smokes also vanishes milliseconds after the light train does. Overall the whole phenomenon looked more real than reality, leaving such a deep burned image in my memory like I could paint it in great detail even a month after the event. It seemed so near, respectively was so large in scale it took much more over 50% of my field of view. Btw. while starring concentrated straight up to the sky counting starlink satellites and therefore having no lights on while in a remote area with only other Schrebergärten, community gardens located. Also not being alone, having someone starring with me in the exact same direction, whom experienced everything quite smilliar.
Terminal flash