Reports Report 2539aw (Event 2539-2020)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 2539-2020
NameHeather C
Experience Level1/5
RemarksIt seemed very close because though it was moving, I could see quite a bit of detail in the head and tail. It happened so quickly, I jumped out of my chair- ran 10-12 feet screaming to my bf to look up. My boyfriend finally stopped playing his guitar...and by the time he looked up...he saw nothing. It was spactacular. Never ever seen anything like it before in my life. It looked crazy close to earth. It was HUGE! P.S. I am an artist and I could recreate with an illustration. Will someone get back to me about what they thought it was or if anybody else in the surrounding area had seen it as well? I'm not exact about the time could have been any time between 11-1:30 am Technically it could have been on the 25th of may. I didnt have my phone w me. We were having a bon fire. Sorry I couldnt be more exact with stuff. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
AddressMount Morris, NY
Latitude42° 40' 33.55'' N (42.68°)
Longitude 77° 54' 45.6'' W (-77.91°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2020-05-25 00:15 EDT
UT Date & Time2020-05-25 04:15 UT
Moving directionFrom up right to down left
Descent Angle185°
Facing azimuth63.93°
First azimuth350.55°
First elevation90°
Last azimuth72.73°
Last elevation50°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-23
ColorLight Blue, Yellow, Red, White
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
Terminal flash
Remarksjust before it disappeared, its head got huge and bright at the center, but seemed like a fire was engulfing it...because its center was bright but around it was yellow and some orange- like a flame. As it got bigger, it seemed like it was slowing down a bit and the head got much bigger" almost doubling in size? compared to when it was arching over my head. It looked like a huge explosion, then it disappeared. The point at which the head seemed to be exploding. Its shape was irregular (unlike a point or a circle) but had definate edges. It increased perhaps doubling in size and brightness.
RemarksIt appeared to split at the head after what appeared to be an expolsion. There were trails of blazing matter that seemed like it it quickly burned out. Also when it was arching the sky, it had a very thick bright tail and the tail seemed to have its own distinct edges of white, yellow and orange. It wasnt like a crisp line like a typical shooting star.