Reports Report 5566fu (Event 5566-2019)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 5566-2019
NameManuela W
Experience Level4/5
RemarksWe had our first snow/freezing rain shower of the season today-I was cleaning the frozen snow off my car for the morning. I started my car and turned the defrost on and as I was getting out saw a white light (light bright lightning) everywhere- then I saw the meteor falling...and a huge fireball. It felt like it lasted quite longer than normal and looked so close and much much larger. It was the most spectacular meteor I’ve ever seen . I ran in the house and was yelling I just saw the biggest shooting star in my life and my husband came outside-he saw the flash from his office inside-That’s when we heard the first boom-I turned my car off-then we heard the others 💥He though maybe an airplane crashed/exploded (from Sullivan airport). I immediately posted in our lake fb page to see if anyone els saw it.
AddressLeslie, MO
Latitude38° 20' 59.43'' N (38.35°)
Longitude 91° 15' 12.53'' W (-91.25°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2019-11-11 20:48 CST
UT Date & Time2019-11-12 02:48 UT
Moving directionFrom up right to down left
Descent Angle206°
Facing azimuth-
First azimuth-
First elevation73°
Last azimuth-
Last elevation29°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-
ColorLight Blue
Concurrent Sound
RemarksMy car was running-but we still heard felt a very loud boom-and felt a shake. We live in a valley-and it echoed several times
Delayed Sound
Remarks_First one heard/felt a very loud boom-and felt a shake. We live in a valley on a 40 acre lake and it echoed several times (3-4)...I turned my car off after first boom-and we heard/felt at least 3 more after._
Persistent train
RemarksBright glowing train following what appeared to be a large on fire 🔥 object. It was so large I didn’t think it could be a meteor at first glance. When the glowing train appeared I realized I was viewing a meteor.
Terminal flash
RemarksBright blue light