Reports Report 3799bm (Event 3799-2018)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 3799-2018
NameAshley S
Experience Level3/5
RemarksThis green fireball appeared as if out of nowhere. It was so much brighter than the full moon and (the full moon being very near, in my field of view). The fireball was so bright, the whole sky lit up a green glow. The moon's light got extremely faint in comparison to this fireball. I had been outdoors for about 10 minutes prior to seeing this fireball. I was already looking up at the full moon. Then out of nowhere , looking to be at same height in atmosphere as low clouds, this Huge Green vivid fireball was in my view. I've watched so many meteor showers in my life. This is the MOST magnificent thing i've ever been a witness to (sky wise). Even better than all eclipses, meteor showers, watching space station go over, looking at Saturn and its rings through telescope! This fireball lasted 4 seconds. I stood motionless in amazement and awe. I remained outside for another 30 minutes. I watched intensely in same general direction while also concentrating on my peripheral view. I did NOT see or hear any fireworks, search lights, lasers etc. There was nothing else. I came indoors wondering, hoping that someone else had also experienced this wonderful sight. Thank You for your time. Maybe other people did see this and it will be on the news.
AddressPleasant Grove, AL
Latitude33° 29' 3.14'' N (33.48°)
Longitude 86° 58' 2.07'' W (-86.97°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2018-09-22 22:20 CDT
UT Date & Time2018-09-23 03:20 UT
Moving directionFrom up right to down left
Descent Angle181°
Facing azimuth112.54°
First azimuth135°
First elevation65°
Last azimuth110.93°
Last elevation
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-22
ColorGreen, VIVID Green
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
Terminal flash
RemarksI could see the fireball fall down toward the ground. It fell behind a thin tree line so i could still see the vivid bright green fireball through the trees. As the fireball approached the ground, it was like a huge flash of green light. It really looked like it hit the ground at the top of the street (behind tree line). This was gigantic, vivid and extremely close to me.