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Event #2021-7116
© Dan Bush - Missouri Skies
Date 2021-10-30 20:34:06

Location Albany, MO 64402, USA
Geo Loc 40.2485° / -94.3199°
Elevation 277.465m

This is the very definition of "Dumb Luck". I was out shooting a few test shots in the Northeastern part of the sky to see if they were going to pick up any possible auroras on this beautiful Fall evening. At this very moment, I just happened to be taking a 20-second test shot (24mm lens set at f/1.8 ISO 1250 Nikon D750 Camera) and the meteor streaked right through the frame perfectly centered but fairly low on my Northeastern Horizon. I was also looking right at it when it happened which is a first for me because all my other meteor reports were taken with an automated meteor surveillance camera and not witnessed by myself in person. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Typical meteors like this are usually right around 40 to 60 miles above the Earth so this meteor more than likely came in somewhere above Eastern Iowa, Northern Illinois, or Wisconsin. We'll find out soon after more reports come into the American Meteor Society. They'll pinpoint it's location.The colors of this meteor were incredible going from white to purple to green. I have not seen any auroras yet but this is enough for me for one evening. My amateur backyard roll-off-roof observatory can be seen in the foreground of the shot. That's a 20" Obsession Telescope aimed at the sky. The fall colors in the trees are lit up by the surrounding street lights which add to the amazing colors of the meteor. The Pleiades star cluster can be seen at the right in the wide-angle shot. WOW!!!!!!!!!!